Redfin circa 2006

Trevor recently blogged about his agent interview here at Redfin, My Interview at Redfin:

Redfin has the feeling like “Something big is going to happen.” I wonder if this is what Google felt like in 1998, or Microsoft in 1988? I am hoping to be on the ground level of this amazing company.

I don’t know what it was like to be at those companies back in the day but I often wonder the same thing :). Right now we’re in only two markets, Seattle and the Bay Area, but it won’t be long before the rapid expansion begins and once we start ramping traffic will go through the roof, revenues will increase, headcount will go up and all of sudden we’ll be a big company.

BTW, I’ll be in San Francisco Wednesday and Thursday of this week for work…

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7 Responses to Redfin circa 2006

  1. jenn says:

    i’m arriving in SF Thursday evening… when are you there until?

  2. Matt Goyer says:

    I’m flying out at 7pm from SFO. How long are you down there for?

  3. Candybags says:

    Has anyone else seen the supposed Redfin blog postings that lead back to porn sites?? I would post a couple here but don’t wish to be (a) accused of being a perv or (b) unwittingly promoting said porn sites …. can this be the work of reeeel-torrs for whom the death knell is sounding? Gahhh!! Play nice.

  4. Matt Goyer says:

    Yes, we saw the ‘Redfin comes of age’ one today and were shocked and appalled! Not much we can do about it though :). Is there more that we should know about?

  5. Trevor Smith says:

    Hey Matt,

    I really love Redfin and I’m hoping to nail the job there. I am meeting with the VP of Real Estate on Monday. Hopefully we’ll be co-workers sometime soon.

    Have a great day!


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