Urban/Hybrid Bike Weights

While figuring out what urban/hybrid bike to buy I compiled a list of bikes and their approximate weights. I don’t know why manufacturers don’t list weights!

Cannondale Bad Boy 4 – 26.46 lbs
Cannondale Quick CX – 28.8 lbs
Jamis Coda Elite – 25 lbs
Kona Dew Plus – ??
Kona Dew Deluxe – 27 lbs
Kona Big Rove – 27 lbs
Marin Fairfax SC4 – 26 lbs
Novara Buzz – 29.7 lbs
Novara Big Buzz – 26.9 lbs
Novara Gotham – 34.2 lbs
Raleigh Misceo 2.0 – 29 lbs
Raleigh Roper – 25.9 lbs
Raleigh Cadent – ??
Scott Sub 10 – 26 lbs w/fenders
Scott Sub 20 – 26.3 lbs (w/fenders)
Specialized Sirrus – 27.68 lbs
Specialized Sirrus Elite Disc – 25 lbs
Trek FX – ??

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Stylish Bike Clothing

My wife tells me that my pinterest board “fashionable bike clothing” is an oxymoron. I firmly believe that it is not.

Here are a sampling of wind shirt type jackets which I believe do not look like typical cycling clothing.

Giro Wind Shirt – $140 MSRP


Chrome Ike – $125


Mission Workshop’s The Sansome – $195


Nau’s Lightbeam Shirt – $140


REI’s Novara Tangletown Anorak Bike Jacket – Men’s


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GPS Bike Trackers

Having had too many bikes stolen I was curious to see if there were any GPS bike trackers out there. Turns out, not really. There is no clear answer. WHY HASN’T ANYONE BUILT A GPS TRACKER FOR BIKES YET?

Available now:


Maybe defunct:


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Matte Black Bike Fenders

Apparently it is nearly impossible to purchase matte black bike fenders in the US.

If you’re into the hammered metal look there are Handsome Cycle’s Mud Butler Fenders for $65.

If hammered metal isn’t your look, you want a pair of SKS Bluemels Mudguards but you need to order them from the UK for about £23.39. With shipping they’re not actually too expensive.

Or you could get these SKS Alley Cat Full Coverage Bicycle Fender Set which look just like the Bluemels.

I ordered the Bluemels…

p.s. fender manufacturers, black matte fenders look so much better than glossy black, make more!

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SPD, Please Make it Easier to File a Stolen Bike Claim

Dear Chief O’Toole,

The Seattle Police Department needs to make it easier to file a claim for stolen bikes. While you can file a claim for a bike stolen under $500 online, for a bike valued more than that you need to call and the call-in experience leaves a lot to be desired. You should be able to file a claim, online, regardless of the value of the bike.

I had my bike stolen on last Saturday. I promptly called the SPD’s non-emergency number, finally connected with an operator, who offered that I could either have an officer come visit me in person to file a claim or I could do it over the phone. Not wanting to waste SPD’s resources with an in-home visit I opted to do it on the phone but it turns out you can’t file a claim over the phone on the weekend. I would need to call back Monday.

So I called back Monday. Numerous times. But each time the phone rang and rang. I eventually connected with an operator Monday afternoon only to be told no one was available to take a claim over the phone but I could have someone come out. Again, not wanting to waste SPD resources, I declined the in-home visit, she suggested I call back in the morning. I called the next morning. Again had a hard time connecting with an operator. Finally did only to discover that they simply take your number and then an officer calls you back.

I eventually get a call from an officer and filed my claim. I know that it is unlikely that I’ll get my bike back via this route but I feel it is important it is logged how often a bike is stolen and from where. It’d be great if the SPD could allow bike victims to report any bike theft, regardless of value, online.

p.s. if you find a 2014 Cannondale Bad Boy with blue brake levers, let me know!

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Recovering My 3rd Stolen Bike

Last spring we were living for a month in our rental condo. Since the condo is small I kept my bike down in the garage. Unfortunately the bike rack was installed too close to the wall and there were many bikes so I was unable to directly lock my bike to the rack and instead used a cable lock. Of course I know better but it was only for a month.

Sure enough I come home from a week in Palm Springs to find my bike gone.

First thing I did was hop on Craigslist. Imagine my luck to find:

I just found a Specialized Allez Elite that was pretty obviously stolen. The cable part of the lock is cut and its missing a few pieces. I know a lot about bikes and have had many bikes stolen from me in other states.

If this is YOUR bike then message or call me and tell me a few specifics. It is a very nice bike and someone is likely very, very upset right now.

Get in touch with me and if you see someone trying to steal a bike, break them.


I gave elad a call. Turns out he lived a block away so I was reunited with my bike less than ten minutes after having discovered it missing.

Thank you Elad for finding my bike dumped behind a nightclub and reaching out through Craigslist!

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Reserve App Promo Code

Get a $20 credit with the Reserve conceirge app by using the promo code: XKUCN7.

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Cover App Promo Code + Review

Get a $10 credit with the Cover app by using that link to sign up, or try promo code matt-bsdhp.

Since the advent of Uber I’ve wanted something similar for restaurants so you don’t need to wait for your check. Enter Cover, though only available in a handful of cities.

We used it this morning to pay for brunch and it did exactly as promised. We notified our server we using Cover so when we were done we just got up and left. Which does feel a little weird! Since it was me with some friends, Cover makes it easy to split the bill n-ways. However, you can’t split it by dollar amount. You also don’t get an itemized receipt unless you ask the restaurant for one.

I did have an issue receiving a text message with a link to the app to sign up but someone from their team delivered great customer service via Twitter in minutes.

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How to Split a Ticketmaster PDF

Took me longer than it should have to figure out how to take a multipage Ticketmaster PDF and split it into individual pages if you want to sell a ticket. All the standard Adobe Acrobat features don’t work because Ticketmaster protects the file preventing you from doing this.

How you do it is you view it in a web browser (like Chrome) and then print individual pages to PDF.

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Vertfest Photo Clinic Trip Report

I’m a terrible photographer but aspiring to be a better one. The first big step forward I made this year was upgrading my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2, which I loved because it was waterproof, but sadly my iPhone 5 was starting to take better photos. I upgraded it with a Sony RX-100 Mark 2, which immediately was taking way better photos even on auto mode.

Only problem was I had no idea how to use it. Now jumping straight into a skiing photography clinic probably isn’t the best way to learn how to use it, but Vertfest was right around the corner. Why not take it? I emailed the course instructor, Stephen Matera, let him know I knew nothing and he said, no problem!

Now the Verfest description of the clinic was pretty minimal so I went in with no expectations and ended up being totally blown away!

The day started with some time indoors going through gear and the basics and getting introduced to our pro skier. I certainly wasn’t expecting to have a pro skier with us! We then headed up the lifts and took photo after photo of Alpental Andy who hiked again and again for us to give us something to shoot. We worked through lunch, wrapped up a bit before 3.

Only improvement to the class I’d make is to have a laptop at the end to see some post processing techniques.

I highly recommend it!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

More photos.

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