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Startupalooza Photos

Thanks for coming out to Startupalooza! We didn’t know how many of you to expect and you certainly didn’t disappoint; the place was packed with lots of startups and people interested in them. I know we got lots of resumes, … Continue reading

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Startupalooza is today

Reminder that today is . 8 companies, 7 CEOs, kegs, pizza, 5:30-8pm, 308 Occidental Ave. S.

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Phone back online

There was some confusion with porting my number. It should be back online again. Feel free to text/call me :).

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New skates

My six year old Bauer 1000’s are on their last legs. Turns out my feet sweat a lot and I wasn’t taking out the footbeds and so the rivets rusted out and rooted the floor of the skate preventing re-riveting … Continue reading

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One company too many?

NY Times, Young Internet Producers, Bankrolled, Are Seeking Act II: Jay Adelson, 36, and Kevin Rose, 29, are parallel entrepreneurs — starting a second company just as the first one is taking off. If I were an investor/boardmember/employee of either … Continue reading

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Blue Dot – Follow my bookmarks

I’ve been trying out Blue Dot recently to bookmark pages (they’re a Pioneer Square company, we’re a Pioneer Square company…). To see what I’ve been bookmarking go here: …I’m still baffled that they chose a name where the .com … Continue reading

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Crate and Barrel has launched a modern store: CB2. It’s like DWR for people who make less than $100,000.

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This past weekend we drove up to Vancouver primarily to see a hockey game but we did some drinking and shopping too. Here are some photos from the Canucks vs The Ducks pre-season game. This first photo is from our … Continue reading

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Photos from Redfin

Someone grabbed my camera the other day and took some photos. Here’s me in my cube: My Cubicle Hosted on Zooomr Here’s Andrew one of the real estate agents: Andrew Hosted on Zooomr And here’s a photo of the square … Continue reading

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Some folks are up in arms about a trademark of Redfin’s. I find this slightly humourous because the tech blogger echo chamber has already gone through this once before.

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