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links for 2009-04-30

10 lessons from a failed startup » VentureBeat

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links for 2009-04-27

Alaska Fights a Tourism Cold Front – (tags: travel alaska)

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links for 2009-04-24

Breathtaking – Design strategy Leaked brand strategy for Pepsi. (tags: design pepsi branding) What San Francisco/Silicon Valley can learn from the Twittering company: Zappos « Scobleizer: Technology, innovation, and geek enthusiasm Good quick look at the Zappos culture. (tags: marketing … Continue reading

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links for 2009-04-21

Apple: Only good. Dell: Poor and very poor – Apple 2.0 (tags: customservice)

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Kangaroos in Alaska

Thursday afternoon (after travelling to Boston on Tuesday and DC on Wednesday) Ming and I flew to Anchorage, Alaska. The first surprise was how full the flight is (and there were two more flights after ours!) The second was that … Continue reading

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links for 2009-04-07

Etsy :: Design2009 :: product design & concept Wow, love these pipe lights. (via ming) (tags: design furniture lighting)

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New Gadget: Flip MinoHD aka Flip HD

Since my quick video of a Olive 8 condo unit was so popular I impulse bought a Flip Video MinoHD from Amazon. I ordered it Wednesday night and got it Thursday for only $3.99 shipping. Gotta love Amazon Prime. I … Continue reading

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Messed Up TCP/IP Stack

I’m blogging this for all the folks in the future who did the same stupid thing I did. The other weekend I messed up my TCP/IP stack trying to install an iPhone update. Turns out the iPhone updater conflicts if … Continue reading

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links for 2009-04-02

VendrTV Video reviews of street vendors. John, this site is for you. (tags: food)

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