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links for 2009-03-30

U of M – Libraries – Archives & Special Collections – Susan Goyer fonds "0.9 m of textual records and other material." (tags: susangoyer)

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links for 2009-03-29

The Atlantic Online | March 2009 | How the Crash Will Reshape America | Richard Florida (tags: economy) Up in Smoke – The Deposit Vanishes – (tags: urbnlivn condo deposit) Bob Sutton: Why Management is Not a Profession (tags: … Continue reading

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links for 2009-03-24

Lessons from the Obama Campaign for the Software Business « Radiowalker: Tech Business Beat (tags: marketing politics) Ecommerce Lessons Learned From Amazon | drive sales by enhancing the shopping experience I like their "one second rule" (tags: marketing ecommerce amazon)

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links for 2009-03-23

What I've Learned in Angel Investing, March 2009 (tags: entrepreneurship vc) Practical Traveler – Is Antarctica Getting Too Popular? – (tags: travel antarctica) At Powder Mountain in Utah, to the Top by Snowcat, Bus or Helicopter – (tags: … Continue reading

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Alltop as a Lesson in How-To Motivate Folks

In an email to motivate people to sign up for their new feature I like how Alltop positions the situation: One ramification of this is that people will grab “vanity” accounts like their names, companies, and products. We wanted to … Continue reading

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EPIC Ski Day At Crystal Mountain

On Sunday Crystal Mountain got 17″ of new and we had an EPIC time. One of my top ski days EVER*. Ming and I were on the road by 6:25 a.m. and were there before 8:30. We thought this would … Continue reading

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Everyone Needs a Pair of Powder Skis

If you ski five or more days a season you need a pair of serious powder skis. Because every season you have the opportunity to catch a few days which will be truly epic. Yes, you can suffer through with … Continue reading

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Twitter Killed This Blog

Twitter has nearly killed this blog! Just like it killed Eric’s, U-Zyn’s, Brent’s… What’s Twitter? It’s a place to blog about what I’m up to but the posts are limited to 140 characters. It requires a lot less energy and … Continue reading

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Matt’s Guide to Maui

Thanks to Chelsea we spent the last week in Maui. Here’s my quick guide to Maui! Impatient? Check my photos, and Chelsea’s and my videos. Get the Book!

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