Whistler for Thanksgiving

We (a motley crew of friends from Microsoft, Amazon and Redfin) went to Whistler for American Thanksgiving. Drove up Wednesday and skied, apres-skied, hot tubbed, ate and drank pretty much for four days straight. I am now in desperate need of a day off from both working and vacationing.

While there I bought a new pair of skis, a pair of Head Monster IM 88‘s (with bindings since tried as they could, they couldn’t get my red and chrome Nordica bindings to mount). I had been planning on buying new skis around Christmas time but with so much snow coming to the north west so soon I couldn’t wait any longer and had to make an impulse buy. There was simply no way I would bother hiking up to closed lifts with my skinny pair of Dynastar’s. But with a pair of fatter skis, hike we did :), and we scored some great powder runs. My new DaKine Heli Pack came in very handy on the hikes but it needs a heated drinking tube since for two days it was -15’C in the alpine, brrrr!

The drive home was epic since there was snow all the way from Whistler to Seattle which is pretty unheard of. Facing a four hour delay at the border, our driver and my co-worker, Rob made the executive decision we would stop at Vijs in Vancouver for a gourmet Indian dinner before braving the conditions in his rear wheel drive 5-series BMW (which is odd since Rob owns no less than three Land Cruisers! (down from a high of five!) Apparently his tabs were expired which is why he couldn’t bring one up). Anyhow, I highly recommend Vijs for Indian fusion and always take your most capable vehicle to the mountain.

For what it’s worth, I’m also burned out on the Whistler club scene. They really need to get some more upscale places where you don’t have to deal with artificial lines because the coat check person can’t keep up with the mandatory coat check rule, where they turn on the heat to make up for the fact that the line causes their door to be open a lot, where they know that Maker’s Mark isn’t a vodka and where the place isn’t full with nineteen year olds.

We were also disappointed the outdoor hot tub at our hotel wasn’t available. While it was functional they lacked the necessary government permits to open it up after doing some renovations. It’s inexcusable they didn’t have this resolved before opening weekend!

I’ll link to photos as others post them…

Update: Ming’s Whistler Photos.

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  1. wondering if you would be interested in doing some cat skiing… sometime in feb there is a group of peggers that will all be in nelson bc (at least as plans look now) and were trying to get 10 people to rent a cat, as their is then a 10% discount…

    give me a shout if your interested… the IM88 is a killer ski, and would beg for something like cat skiing..


  2. Matt Goyer says:

    I would be interested… Though I’m also looking at a heliski trip in February so I have to see what my budget can afford :).

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