Finding art prints online?

(Something has been going around Seattle and it’s caught up with me. I hate being sick. I should have taken a day off when I first started not feeling well as I just spent this past glorious weekend inside on the couch.)

I have two large blank walls that I’d like to hang some art on.

Now the latest Wired had some recommendations for online galleries for the masses:

Thumbtack Press: Hard to navigate quickly. No large pieces.

20×200: Large pieces are pricey at $2000

Blueflip Art: Hard to navigate quickly.

But in general I found the sites hard to navigate large amounts of art quickly and was frustrated that they didn’t have any large pieces. I’d love to find some similar sites where up and coming artists can sell their prints to folks like me who are looking for affordable art.

Yes there’s and but I’m looking for something that you wouldn’t find at a college poster sale.

Update: My dad sent me a link to Amka Shop which seems to be just what I was looking for. Wide horizontal prints on tarpaulins that could be backlight that aren’t too pricey.

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4 Responses to Finding art prints online?

  1. Kevin Saliba says:


    You should definitely check out They suit your requirements above, and they are run by a fellow Waterloo Alum, right here in Seattle, WA.

    Hope you enjoy,

    Kevin Saliba
    CEO of

  2. kh says:

    still not convinced you can make your own?

    you might also try these: (also canadian)

  3. wh says:

    a canuck artist that did a Hip cover a few back.

  4. Have you seen original art for It is easy & quick to navigate, has artist bios, and everything is $99!

    It’s a great way to try a small piece from a new artist, and then if you want larger non-99 pieces from that artist you can get it from their other website.

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