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Omar Shahine has a great blog post on PlaysForSure. And while he may be a Microsoft employee it doesn't mean he has been drinking our koolaid:
First some background. I have owned every generation of the iPod. I am currently the owner of two 3G iPods.

Omar looks at the iPod world, then the PC world, then the PlaysForSure technology, logo program and devices. I like this quote:

Now before you get all excited and point out that Apple is doing this... you are right, they are. But it's THEIR music store, and THEIR device and THEIR software.

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If you are building your own Media Center by buying the Media Center 2005 OEM kit you will also need to purchase decoders since they are not included. Fortunately, nVidia just posted their MCE 2005 DVD decoder for $19.95.
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