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Mark Cuban owner of HDNet writes on his blog about Movies that make a difference from Magnolia Pictures but more importantly he talks about the vision of his vertical integration and management of the content supply chain:
We also have the ability to sell, show and distribute them in whatever (DVD, HD, etc) format we think consumers want, rather than what Hollywood dictates . Our goal is to provide entertainment to consumers, how , where and when they want.
Mark, what I want is for you to distribute your content online.

I live in an apartment building which does not allow satellite dishes and has only one cable provider; a cable provider who does not support HD content (even though seven months ago when I signed up they said they were a month away from rolling it out). What I do have is a fast Internet connection, a big hard drive, and a Media Center hooked up to my HD display.

For instance, CinemaNow just started offering 'on demand' HD content (read their press release). You can even access their site and content through Media Center. However, HD content does not get it's own category like it does at 2' so it is harder to discover. Also, their collection is limited to 9 rather uninsipring IMAXy titles. Mark, this space is ripe for you to come and dominate!
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