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A week or so ago I signed up for Millennium's unadvertised HDTV cable package. I didn't ask any questions on the phone and so I was surprised to discover a few things once it was installed:

  • Cost: $7 more a month.
  • Only 4 channels:
    • Komo - ABC
    • King - NBC
    • Kong - IND
    • Kiro - CBS
  • Hardware: A Motorola box with no DVI output. Apparently I could have requested a box with DVI. Though I should point out my TV only has one DVI input currently being used by my MCE.

Now compare this to Comcast where you get up to 14 HDTV channels for only $5-$6.75 a month.

And of course there are no DVR/PVRs available to record either service.

Conclusion: Since it turns out I don't get The O.C., the only show I'd tolerate watching with commericals, in HD, I am likely to cancel my service next month.
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Tivo, Season Pass Hot 100 shows (via Thomas Hawk).

Media Center does not have a similar list because we do not track what you watch.
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Wired, Has TiVo Forsaken Us?
Sometime in the next few months, your machine will quietly download a patch that makes it respond to a new copy protection scheme from software maker Macrovision. The app puts restrictions on how long your DVR can save certain kinds of shows - so far, just pay-per-view and video-on-demand programs.

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Ryan's MCE site has lots of fun apps for your Media Center:

  • My Weather
  • My Netflix
  • DVD Collection
  • MCE Weather
  • Front panel SDK
  • My Receipes
  • ...

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