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Note: While MCE 2005 is only available to 'system builders' this does not mean you cannot buy it :). For instance, Newegg who sells to system builders stocks it and anyone can order it: Media Center 2005 at Newegg.

Joe Wilcox at Microsoft Monitor in Media Center Moves Out My TV asks:

If not marketing, how about a little evangelism from Microsoft? Just through blogging, Microsoft created way too much buzz about next-generation-Windows Longhorn. How about blogging evangelism about Media Center, a product Microsoft sells today--not two years from now?

Good question! I find it scary that I did not even know Media Center existed until I flew down here to interview for a job as a Program Manager on the Media Center team.

The good news is that we are working to change that. While we already have several bloggers such as Michael Creasy (SDET) and Sean Alexander (Marketing) we are getting a bunch of more. Myself and my manager, both PMs on the Media Center team will start blogging, as will the techincal PM responsible for our SDK, and also a PM from the Extender team will also blog. So expect a lot to come. Of course things are all hush hush until we launch.

You can find my Media Center only blog at:
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