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Seattle PI, Microsoft Notebook: HP links up Apple, Windows Media Center:
The latest Media Center PCs from HP come with a special iTunes-related feature built into Microsoft's new Windows XP Media Center Edition software. The computer maker created the feature, called HP Tunes, to let users of its Media Center PCs play songs and playlists from iTunes within the Windows Media Center interface, the special Microsoft software designed to be controlled using a remote while sitting back in a chair or couch in the living room.

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Pre-order XBOX Media Center Extender from for $58.57.

If you have a Media Center this will allow you to 'remote' the Media Center experience to an XBOX enabling you to watch live tv, recorded tv, view photos, listen to music all via your XBOX.

Update: Check out Paul Thurrott's review of Media Center Extenders (The XBOX Extender is a Media Center Extender):

Combined with a Media Center PC, a Media Center Extender is an excellent solution for enjoying your digital media content from anywhere in the house, especially if you can connect the two via wired networking.

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People in the blog world are up in arms that HBO will prevent fair use by disallowing copying of HBO content. In fact this has already happenened. In June 2004 HBO turned on CGMS-A which prevents you from (at least on Media Center) from burning HBO shows or playing them back on another machine (or even your same machine if you lose your license because you say reinstalled your OS).

Update 1: The Inquirer has a lengthy rant on this issue, Prepare to get screwed by digital rights management.

Update 2: Cory Doctorow, Why market-forces can't correct DRM. Cory Doctorow also gave a well known talk on DRM at Microsoft.
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