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Permalink to this day Monday, October 11, 2004

Microsoft Monitor, Mucking Around With iTunes, MSN Music.

Interesting comparison of the two.

I'm actually stuck in a weird space between the two services since I have an iPod which only accepts iTunes music and a Media Center which does not work with iTunes but works with Napster, MSN Music,... And so I find myself buying physical CDs instead, which suprisingly is cheaper! Sure it takes about three days for them to ship, but the three day wait is worth not just saving a few dollars for, but it also means I can rip the content according to my exacting specifications, and it's DRM free, meaning I can play it at home on the Media Center, at work on a different Media Center, and in the car on my iPod without having to deal with any weird authorization systems.

Update: Here is another critique, from the Washington Post, MSN Music Falls Just Short of iTunes' High Marks.
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Ghetto Hardware, Media Center Bathroom Extender:
What I have done is repurposed a Xbox controller w/ built in LCD as a second display and controller for the Media Center PC in my bedroom. This allows me to change songs, pause, change volume etc.. without leaving the bathroom.
Uh, weird.
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