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Buying Hockey Gear is Too Hard

I’m looking to upgrade my hockey pants and I’m having a hell of a time figuring out what to buy. For starters, there are tons of brands and I don’t know which the best one is: Easton, Bauer, CCM, Reebok, … Continue reading

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Hat trick!

I got my second career hat trick tonight in hockey!

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Showing up on time for hockey

An interesting e-mail went out last week to my div 5 team: Darren took a look at our stats this season and found that we score almost half as many goals in the first period as we do in either … Continue reading

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Hockey Night in Seattle

When I tell people I play hockey in Seattle the conversation goes a little like: Them: ‘You play hockey? That’s a little random. Where do you play?’ Me: ‘Well, there’s no rinks in Seattle so we play in Kent, Everett, … Continue reading

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New skates

My six year old Bauer 1000’s are on their last legs. Turns out my feet sweat a lot and I wasn’t taking out the footbeds and so the rivets rusted out and rooted the floor of the skate preventing re-riveting … Continue reading

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This past weekend we drove up to Vancouver primarily to see a hockey game but we did some drinking and shopping too. Here are some photos from the Canucks vs The Ducks pre-season game. This first photo is from our … Continue reading

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Best Season Yet

This summer hockey season on Red Army has been my best season yet (started with a hattrick!). Unfortunately it’s been cut short by sailing. Here’s how I ended:

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Today we played our first hockey game of the summer season and I scored a hattrick. It’s a career first!

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Hockey camp

In between the main hockey season and summer season a bunch of us from Red Army have signed up for hockey camp (it’s run by the Seattle T-Bird’s assistant coach). It’s 1.25 hours twice a week for five weeks. Sadly, … Continue reading

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