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Boom or bubble?

Are we in a boom or setting ourselves up for failure again? Boom proponent, Wired, The New Boom: Be careful what you wish for, all of you with the “Please, God, just one more bubble!” bumper stickers. It’s getting wild … Continue reading

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IM apps UX

I have three different IM apps installed. All three insist on displaying something when I restart my machine. Why? Just log me in and stay in my sys tray. It’s presumptous to think I turned on my machine because I … Continue reading

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No one’s here

Hit the slopes late today. It was so sunny! I’ve skied something like 15 days this year and this was the first sunny one. And the runs were completely empty! Maybe it’s because this place is huge (5th largest in … Continue reading

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The Canyons

I made it to The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, Utah last night. Though a cold that started Friday has now completely hit me and I’m feeling pretty awful; looks like all that partying from November through the beginning … Continue reading

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Off to Sundance

I’m off to Park City, Utah tomorrow for the Sundance Film Festival. It’s all last minute but I’m looking forward to catching the tail end of the festival, doing some skiing and partying with celebs. …I thought (and hoped) January … Continue reading

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Flying Lessons 1 – Ground School

As I mentioned, over the weekend the boys went and played with the remote control plane John bought me for Christmas, a Dragon Fly Vortex Extreme. Since Ming got a video camera for Christmas we filmed the whole affair. The … Continue reading

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Minimalist bike storage

Cycloc, minimalist bike storage.

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Another Seattle Weekend

Another Seattle weekend. Saturday was our 27th day of of rain! Sunday it didn’t rain at all so we failed to break the 33 day rain streak. And needless to say today it’s raining again. Not that I care, we … Continue reading

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Mark Cuban on investing

Mark Cuban, My Investment advice for 2006: If you can cut 100 bucks per month off 1k dollar monthly budget, thats like earning 12 pct on 10k dollars. Thats pretty darn good.

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What’s gone on this week…

My sister got two letters of acceptance from law schools in Canada. Today is the 26th straight day of rain here in Seattle. The record is apparently 33 days in 1953. So close! Went to Flying Fish for Nat’s birthday … Continue reading

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