This past weekend we drove up to Vancouver primarily to see a hockey game but we did some drinking and shopping too. Here are some photos from the Canucks vs The Ducks pre-season game. This first photo is from our $20 seats (face was ~$30) in the 300 level:

Canucks vs DucksCanucks vs Ducks Hosted on Zooomr

Then after the first period we moved down:

Canucks vs DucksCanucks vs Ducks Hosted on Zooomr

Last weekend we were also in Vancouver, that time for some shopping, etc. Here is a photo from the boat show on that little island that’s not really island whose name I’ve forgotten:

Vancouver Boat ShowVancouver Boat Show Hosted on Zooomr

Both times we stayed at the Hotel Georgia for ~$100/night via Priceline.

Oh, and on the way home yesterday there was a huge line to get back into Canada. It must have been over three hours long. We’ve never seen such a line before. Anyone know what the deal was?

Update: Border-guard walkout creates traffic backlog:

Dozens of guards walked away from their posts at four border crossings in the Vancouver area, causing a massive backup of vehicles attempting to enter Canada on a busy Sunday night.

The guards walked off the job after they got word that an armed, murder suspect in the United States was headed toward the Canadian border…

Apparently Canadian border guards aren’t armed and walk off the job when there’s a known dangerous situation headed their way. Imagine if the US border was secured in a similar fashion!

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