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Learn to Sail

I wasn’t planning to race sail boats competitively this summer. Last summer with two hockey teams, wakeboarding, biking and sailing, life was just too hectic. I vowed not to do it again. Needless to say I couldn’t say no to … Continue reading

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Epic Ride From Hell

Last weekend we went on our first epic ride. We thought we’d take it easy and do a 2 hour ride, 1400 feet of elevation at Taneum Ridge. Unfortunately we were misinformed and the ride was in fact 6 hours … Continue reading

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Who killed the electric car?

After seeing the great documentary, Who killed the electric Car? I was dismayed to read this, Smithsonian Kills the Electric Car: After revoking and destroying their EV1s, General Motors gave a handful of them to museums as historical pieces. Now, … Continue reading

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Can governments induce consumers and therefore manufacturers to change?

NY Times, U.S. Hybrids Get More Miles Per Congress : Come next year, then, the government will pay you to buy a Silverado hybrid (which gets about 16 miles per gallon) or a Ford Escape Hybrid (which gets about 26, … Continue reading

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Two great documentaries

Last week I saw two great documentaries. The first, Black Gold I first heard of this film while at Sundance, but unfortunately missed the opportunity to see it. It is about fair trade coffee with a focus on those in … Continue reading

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Cheap sailing in Seattle

A friend at work recently joined the Island Sailing Club in Kirkland. For $120/month he’s able to take the boats out pretty much whenever he wants. And he said the best way to join is to find a member who … Continue reading

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The Moment

Last night I took my new toy, an Ellsworth Moment, out for its first ride on Tiger Mountain (1100 vertical feet climb over 3 miles, then 8 miles of riding down and back around), the most popular local biking spot, … Continue reading

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Microsoft vs Google. Who’s greener?

CNET has a great article on Microsoft vs. Google: Who’s greener? I’m pretty proud to be working at a company that cares this much about the environment and minimizing our impact. While I see the Priuses driving around all the … Continue reading

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