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Funny Redfin recruiting post

Glenn, our CEO, is a great blogger (and no, I’m not sucking up, I don’t think he reads my blog). Check out his latest entry on attending what reads like a humbling time recruiting at UW today, Fear and Loathing … Continue reading

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J24 Boat Handling Video

J24 boathandling CDROM

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My thoughts on Zune

Scoble recently posted his thoughts on Zune. I recently got a chance to play with a Zune too and my chief complaint is that the device feels too thick as compared to my 30GB iPod. Other than that the device … Continue reading

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Halloween 06

Wow what a weekend! We raced around from Seattle to Redmond (costumes and make-up) to Fremont (getting dressed) to West Seattle. Once in West Seattle some kids from work partied at Ang’s place and then headed to Hive Mind’s Grease … Continue reading

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Nice. Available at DormGear.

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Google Adjusts Hiring Process As Needs Grow

Natalie pointed me to this WSJ article, Google Adjusts Hiring Process As Needs Grow: Google Inc.’s recruiting process is legendary in Silicon Valley. Tales abound of job candidates who suffered through a dozen or more in-person interviews, and applicants with … Continue reading

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I like the idea of (aggregate local blog posts) but as someone who has a site full of local content their instructions for contributing content is so vague that I don’t understand how I’m supposed to geotag my posts … Continue reading

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Popcorn ceiling removal

For my mom’s house, popcorn ceiling removal (see the comments). I hate those types of ceilings! Thank god I grew up in a house with clear cedar ceilings instead :).

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Green links

LED Light Bulbs: # Long life – up to 10 years, Low power consumption (about 1/30th of a standard bulb) P3 International Kill-a-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor Personal Kyoto

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New Redfin Features

Last week we released a bunch of new Features on Redfin: Find ‘distressed properties’ (ones that have been on the market longer than normal) Find fixer-uppers Search by address See Zillow information on Redfin listing pages You can find out … Continue reading

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