Making Clear Ice at Home

I got bit by the crystal clear ice bug after a trip to New York years ago. Recently a few products have popped up promising to make it easy to get crystal clear ice at home.

Wintersmiths Ice Chest – we backed the Kickstarter for this product at work and have used it to produce countless crystal clear ice balls. Overall it works reasonably well but it is a little finicky in terms of knowing how much to fill it up, getting the ice out, making sure you harvest every 24-36 hours… We did end up cracking one ice chest which they replaced for free.

Wintersmiths - Ice Chest

Neat Ice Kit – would love to give this a spin.

Neat Ice Kit

Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker – I don’t think the wife would approve but I’d love one of these. I bet I’d pay it back in a year based on how much ice I end up buying at the corner store because our freezer can’t produce enough to keep up with our summer partying.


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