Cannondale Bad Boy Review – The Perfect Urban Bike


After months of searching I found my nearly perfect urban bike, the Cannondale Bad Boy:

With stealth-fighter looks and street-fighter performance, Bad Boy is a fast, stylish and functional high-tech fashion statement that will turn even the most mundane urban journeys into a thrill ride.

I got the Bad Boy 4 (had it stolen, bought another one) which is pretty decent right off the shelf. The first upgrade I made was to remove the extremely heavy tires and switch to the LIT Cycling 360 Ultra-Reflective Road Tire. I think all urban bikes should have wheels with a reflective strip. The only problem is almost all urban tires with reflective strips weigh a ton. The lit360s, do not. The second upgrade was to add matte black fenders and a Blackburn EX 1 Expedition Standard Rack (best weight bang for the buck) to accomodate my Ortlieb Back-Roller City Rear Pannier (the best panniers). Upgrades I’m considering, that I had on my first Bad Boy that was stolen, are a new stem + bar to shed some weight, and hydraulic brakes because I’m just not a fan of mechanical ones. And oh, the other must have upgrades for in-city riding are Shimano A530 pedals so you can ride clipped in or with regular shoes and Delta Hublox Security Skewers so you don’t worry about someone easily jacking your wheels. My new favorite bike lock is the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-6 Lite Bicycle U-Lock, 2.75-Inch x 6-Inch, all the protection of their classic messenger lock but much lighter.

My only wish for the Cannondale Bad Boy is that it was closer to the 20lbs mark.

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