Boat is out of the water

Saturday I bought Rob’s 1993 Land Cruiser and depleted his stock of LandCruisers down to 2. Fortunately the Bank Of Rob has not discontinued their liar loan sub prime products and I was able to use creative financing to get the deal done. Thanks Rob!

Anyone want to buy a beat up about to fall apart Neon that is currently lost in Wedgewood? :)

Saturday night we supported local hockey by watching the T-Birds win 6-4 and then supported the arts and Shunpike by drinking at LoFi:


Sunday with lots of help from Ming I took my boat of the water:


We had fun figuring out how to get the tow hitch installed, breaking and entering into a boat launch and getting lost in Bothell/Kirkland.

Anyone want to buy a 1998 MasterCraft Maristar?

A note on SUV ownership: I worry about owning a gas guzzling SUV and plan to assuage my guilt by first of all not driving it to work. Fortunately I live close enough that I can bike to work in five minutes, walk in twenty minutes or catch a bus that stops a block away. Secondly, I plan to buy some carbon offsets for the few miles I will put on the vehicle driving to the ski hill.

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  1. rob says:

    Joel and I are selling carbon offsets if you are interested.

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