Arcade Party Last Friday

Last Friday after a blogger dinner at the office I hopped in a cab and went down to the Arcade Party at the warehouse at 3600 East Marginal Way. Unfortunately the cabbie got way lost even though it’s not that far south from Pioneer Square. At one point he ended up just south of the warehouse but there was a stopped train blocking East Marginal Way. Frustrated I paid my bill, hopped out, and climbed over the train to get to the party.

There I encountered huge crowds of architecture and interior design geeks.

Arcade PartyArcade Party Hosted on Zooomr

It was a good party though with $1 drinks and $1 pizza straight from a wood fire pizza oven on wheels.

Arcade Party Wood Fire OvenArcade Party Wood Fire Oven Hosted on Zooomr

On one of the walls at the party I found this message which I really enjoyed:

Arcade PartyArcade Party Hosted on Zooomr

This was my second party at this warehouse (last time was for a friend’s birthday party) and highly encourage you to attend any parties you get invited to there. It’s a cool space, albeit hard to get to and from if you’re not driving.

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