Road bike

Friday night I bought a used 56″ Specialized Allez Elite Triple (model year unknown) via Craigslist. It’s got an aluminum frame, carbon fork & seatpost and Shimano 105 components. I’m looking forward to ripping around Seattle on it this summer!

Specialized Allez Elite Triple road bike

Now I just need to pick up some SPD pedals for it and I’m set (I’m baffled that there are two SPD systems, one for mountain bikes and one for road bikes. So in the interest of minimizing the number of shoes I have I’m just going to go with SPD for both my bikes, instead of SPD for my MTB and SPD-SL for my roadbike).

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  1. Joe says:

    I think I have the same bike! :) I started biking last year but I moved to Seattle recently; I tossed the bike in my wardrobe thinking I might not enjoy riding in the city.

  2. Matt Goyer says:

    You shouldn’t definitely ride here. It’s a blast :). What year is your bike? I have no idea what year mine is. I tried looking for pics of similar bikes online but couldn’t find any…

  3. doh…

    never mind my post about my bike… hadn’t read this one yet…

  4. Craig says:

    I have the exact same bike as you. Model, colors, everything. I also bought it for $500 off CraigsList and the guy said he thought it was a 2002 or 2003, but didn’t remember exactly when he bought it. I bought it in 2008. Curious if you ever found out what year it was for sure.

  5. Mason says:

    Looks like a 2005 model almost guarentee it

  6. Mikey says:

    I have the exact same bike. Just bought this year from original owner who purchased it brand new in ’05.

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