Moorage on Lake Washington

Perhaps I left calling too late, but by the time I called my moorage place on Portage Bay on Lake Union last weekend all they had left were three 40′ slips costing around $1600/summer. This sent me off the deep end, but I fortunately then found a covered slip on Portage Bay for $1200/summer that was more my size. But even better was the email I got from a friend and co-worker who is moving to an apartment on Lake Washington which happens to have slips available. Today we struck a deal to store my boat there for the summer. I’m a little worried about the rougher water and the long commute to get to the on-the-water restaurants, but it’s ideal for wakeboarding. Needless to say I can’t wait to drop it in after I get back from skiing the first week in May!

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  1. Dan Kuresman says:


    Does your friend/co-worker have room for one more boat on his/her dock? I have a Catalina 18 (18′ sailboat) and am desparately looking to find moorage for the summer. I will pay any reasonable amount.

    Let me know.

  2. Peter Krawiec says:

    Do you know if there are any other slips at our friend’s apartment building. I am happy to inquire myself but just need the facilities contact info. I have had a very difficult time finding a slip for my 21.5 ft ski boat. Got a late start this yr.
    Please let me know. Thanks,


  3. Matt Goyer says:

    I’ve tried to move spots around at the moorage and haven’t had any luck… My advice is to drive around Lake Union and/or Lake Washington and write the numbers of all the marinas you pass and then starting giving them a ring. Also check out

    Hope you find a spot!

  4. Brock Phillips says:

    Hi Matt,

    Do you know if your friends place has anywhere open for a 20′ this summer? I’m looking hard….thanks.

  5. Sean Lipscomb says:

    Hi, I am a mid 20s business guy as well, my roommate and I just baught our first boat and since we just moved up here we had no idea that moorage was such a premium, man if you could help us out or point us in the right direction that would be great, we are getting desperate, we are looking for lake washington, preferablly on the kirklan/bellevue side, but anywhere at this point works, thanks a lot

  6. larry anderson says:

    Matt iam looking for moorage for the month of aug. Iknow its late but just got back into town. Have a 22 ft power boat. All help would be appreciated.

  7. georgiacordova says:

    I am looking for a spot for a 24 foot sport boat,can you help?

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