Today I was browsing an online music service that I’m trying out and noticed that The Tragically Hip had a new album out. After further investigation it turns out it wasn’t just an album, it was a whole box set titled, Hipeponymous. I bought it without hesitation even though I seem to rarely purchase music. Why? They bundled a bunch of items that I can’t get through pirate channels. This box set not only contains two CDs of remastered tracks, but also contains two DVDs and a 48 page booklet.

If artists/labels are still concerned about piracy then they should consider similar bundling efforts that result in a product that isn’t easily reproduced and distributed by online ‘pirates’.

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  1. Dani says:

    That came out a while ago, Matt you’re behind the times!!

  2. That’s a nice set. That was the first music cd that I’ve purchased in years.

    Worth buying because of the *other*stuff… definitely.


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