2005/2006 Hockey season is over

The 2005/2006 hockey season came to an end last night.

Silver Blades, my division 4 team, faired well. We came second in the playoffs; I scored more goals in the playoffs than the regular season. This new stick is certainly worth it :).

Red Army, my division 5 team, while finishing on top of the division in regular season play, got eliminated after two losses in the playoffs; everyone was super disappointed (we lost the second game in a shot out!)

To bridge the gap between fall/winter season and the summer season the majority of players on Red Army are going to ‘HES’ (Hockey Education System) for a five week, twice a week, hockey training camp. This should hopefully whip us hacks into superstars enabling us to dominate division 5 this summer.

For kicks, my lifetime hockey stats.

In other hockey news, the Seattle T-Birds (WHL) lost to Portland in overtime during game 7 of their first round playoffs. Grr!

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