A random assortment of people, myself included, spent the weekend in Whistler. We took off after work on Thursday and partied hard straight through to Sunday. We had three days of decent skiing and two nights of lots of fun. I’d post more but it’s all a bit foggy.

Photo courtsey of No Friday.com (check out albums for 4-1 to 4-2) (No Friday is Joe’s website. Joe just spent three months living in Whistler. We’re all very jealous and trying to figure out how we too can take a three month leave of absence.)

What I do remember from this trip is that I need to go to Whistler more often (should I go to Telus..?). Two weekends this season was not enough so this April I’m going to buy an Edge pass and load it up with 12 days to ensure I don’t make the same mistake next year.

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