Stylish Urban Men’s Bike Helmets

I recently went on the hunt for a stylish men’s bike helmet for urban riding. Here’s some I found that caught my eye.

Giro Reverb – this is the helmet I ended up buying. Primary reason is that it has vents which I like because I get a little sweaty biking and because I can easily attach a Vis 360 Light and Motion light to it. What I don’t like is that it feels and looks pretty big and bulky. I wish it was a little more sleek looking and feeling. I also wish it had a fit dial on the back and that one of the vents was big enough to put a u-lock through.

Gotham Reverb Helmet

Giro Sutton Helmet – love the look! Sadly doesn’t accomodate my bike helmet. I love that you can directly attach a light to the rear, but I wish they had more detail on what rear lights fit. Also, why is it double the cost of the Reverb?

Giro Sutton

Giro Section Bike/Multi-Sport Helmet – sounds heavy

Giro Section

Triple Eight Gotham Rubber Helmet

Triple Eight Gotham Rubber Helmet

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet

Critical Cycles

Sahn Bike Helmet – love the look, but super spendy at north of $100.

Sahn Classic Helmet

Bern Unlimited Lenox EPS Summer Helmet


Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet – is this helmet the Fraction or the Faction? Why does Bell need to put such a big logo on it??

Bell Faction

Coming soon:

Thousand Helmet – seems promising!

Thousand Helmet

My dream helmet:

  • Sleek urban styling
  • Light weight
  • Matte finish
  • Dial for the perfect fit
  • Vent that lets you lock it up with a u-lock
  • Vents for comfort
  • Magnetic strap like the Thousand
  • Built in front and rear light, or easily detachable for winter/night riding

What’s your favorite urban helmet?

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