My Whistler Recommendations

Stuff to do:

  • In the winter, ski (obviously). I also recommend backcountry skiing with Coast Mountain Guides.
  • In the summer, mountain bike (obviously) or take the gondola and go hiking.
  • Spa day at the Scandinave


  • Crepe Montagne: best breakfast in Whistler
  • Hot Buns: cheaper crepe place. Better for on the go.
  • Mogul’s: on-the-go coffee shop.

Favorite après ski:

  • GLC, on top of the Whistler gondola building, has the best food and a good vibe. We go here the most.
  • Merlins is over at Blackcomb base and has the largest nachos. Big patio.
  • Longhorn really is the place to be. Great patio and vibe. Though keep your food expectations in check!
  • Citta’s in the middle of the village is good too if everything else is busy.

  • Dubh Linh Gate is another place we fall back to if the above places are busy.

    Fancy dinner:

    • Bearfoot Bistro: make it an experience to remember by asking to saber your bottle of champagne. For after dinner there is a -20c vodka tasting room.
    • Sidecut at the Four Seasons: great steak dinner
    • Hye’s: we would eat here until we discovered Sidecut

    Casual dinner:

    • Earl’s: Canadian chain
    • Brewhouse: decent food
    • Dubh Lin Gate: decent food, Irish pub atmosphere
    • Sushi Village
    • 21 Steps: wine bar and restaurant
    • Quattro: Italian restaurant
    • Keg: Canadian chain

    Dance clubs: a safe bet is to ask your dinner server what is hot that night. If it is Saturday they’ll say they’re all hot :).

    • Maxx Fish: smaller club, usually pretty good
    • Buffalo Bill’s: for the late 20’s/30’s crowd
    • Garf’s & Moe Joes: local favorite
    • Tommy’s: where the 19 year olds go…

    Favorite lounges:

    • The Mixx by Rick’s
    • Cinnamon Bear in the Hilton

    Favorite bars:

    • Tapley’s: lots of TVs, darts…
    • Amsterdam
    • Cittas

    Late night drunkfood:

    • Zog’s, get the poutine
    • Fat Tony’s Pizza
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    1. jenn says:

      Using this for last minute notes before we hit the slopes! Thanks Mattycakes!

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