Touring Up To Kendall Clearing

Determined not to let our shitty weather prevent us from skiing, on Saturday Rob, Andre and I headed up to Snoqualmie for some laps in the rain. However, once we saw the conditions Andre opted for the bar while Rob and I got soaked for an hour or two. Yes, we are ski’s in the rain guys.

After drying off with a few rounds at the T-Wolf bar we headed over to the tubing center to meet up with Ming, Alicia and Ben who were there for a birthday party. However, we didn’t like the idea of paying $20 to join them tubing so over it was to Rob’s cabin for dinner. With a supply of mediocre beer courtesy of beer of the month club we ended up crashing early and slept in late. (A pitch black upstairs sleeping loft made it hard to wake up.)

With more rain Sunday Andre lobbied to head back to Seattle but Rob was eager to try out his new backcountry skis so at noon we started to pack up and eventually convinced Andre to lead us up Kendall Stump.

Anticipating a slow descent we didn’t head all the way to the top and turned around at the clearing:

As predicted the conditions sucked. While we had skis on I don’t even know if I’d call it skiing! But it was nice to break-in my new boots.

More photos.

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