Longest Bike Ride Yet – 129 miles

Saturday we hopped on the Whidbey Island Ferry at Mukilteo and rode forever. Check out the ride on Bikely (which is a pretty cool site for mapping your rides):

The ride started with me blowing out my rear tube just off the ferry. Fortunately Donald knew where a bike store was so I could get my tire properly pumped up (turns out my little hand pump doesn’t cut it). Other than that it was pretty uneventful. Just lots and lots of rolling hills that probably did more psychological damage than anything else.

  • Distance: 129 miles
  • Elevation: 5160 feet (according to Bikely)
  • Peddling time: 7 hours, 44 minutes
  • Average speed: 16.6 mph

Here’s Ming and Donald:

When I got home I eat a steak, half a burger, fries, dessert and a few beers; I couldn’t stop eating.

All my photos.

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  1. Kiedis says:

    well done dude! i’m 11 years old and come from new zealand and love bike riding! but I could Never ride for as long as you did! you are a ledgend!

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