Road Bike Fitting at Cycle U

As part of gearing up for doing the STP, a 202 mile race from Seattle to Portland that I’m going to do one day, I went to Cycle U for a bike fitting (I ride a Specialized Allez Elite Triple).

Lang was my fitter and he spent an hour and a half with me measuring this and that.

When it was all said and done this is what he did:

Moved cleats back 1.0 cm and saddle back 1.4 cm, dropped handle bar 2.0 cm for slightly more aggressive position. Cleat and saddle changes should give more power and efficiency while handlebar change should give more speed. Also added 2 shims to left show and 1 shim to right shoe to correct knee alignment.

Turns out my seat height was good. Wondering if I had the best seat, he said my stock Specialized seat was actually pretty good.

We also weighed my bike and it clocked in at 20 lbs 14 oz with saddle bag but without water bottles.

I’m looking forward to trying out the new fit on Wednesday morning before work assuming the rain lets up :).

My other recent bike expenditures have been:

I’d like to pick up a pair of gloves but I can’t figure out what a good pair would be. Also, my cycling glasses are all banged up and I could use a new pair of those too. One thing at a time though…

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