Everyone Needs a Pair of Powder Skis

If you ski five or more days a season you need a pair of serious powder skis.

Because every season you have the opportunity to catch a few days which will be truly epic. Yes, you can suffer through with your every day all mountains but for it to be a truly epic day you need equipment to match the conditions and its worth every penny.

This season, my days were the 2nd of January, which was the day after they had closed the pass (photos from pass closure day & photos when it re-opened), and again this past Sunday when we got a big weekend dump. Other years its been skipping working to go skiing during the week after they’ve re-opened the hill after it has been closed due to heavy snowfalls. Or it’s heli-skiing in Panorama or cat-skiing in the Cascades.

Fortunately this Christmas I had bought a pair of Dynastar Huge Troubles (from my buddy JF of Gords) with Marker Baron bindings (from Evo) and it’s changed my skiing life. Both days I felt like I was skiing in a Warren Miller film and its all due to the skis. You can hit anything and have seemingly endless energy for hitting the pow because you’re floating on top and not fighting your way through like you would be on a pair of all mountains.

The other secret is to WAKE UP EARLY. Let me tell you, I did not want to wake up early on Sunday because it was daylight savings and we had gone drinking Saturday night. None-the-less, we woke up at 5:45 a.m. for a conference call on ski conditions and were on the road by 6:30 which put us in line just as the chair lift was winding up so we could get a good run of first tracks in the morning sun.

More photos. Note that we were too busy skiing to take any good photos of us riding knee deep snow :).

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  1. donald says:

    You’re always talking about Gords, so I followed the link. Clicked on their “culture” page. Thought, “oh, maybe that skier in the photo is their founder. Nope, it’s Goyer.”

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