Yes Valleywag, I remember Odd Todd

Valleywag reminds us to of Odd Todd, Remember when we were all laid off? Oh, right, you’re 25.

Which reminded me of the last downturn when the kids a year or two ahead of us in school were getting laid off before the internships or full time jobs even began (some got sweet layoff packages and traveled Europe for the summer instead of working!), those friends would then have to move back home after graduating and then spent a year unemployed.

Fortunately we graduated just as the job market was un-thawing in late 2003.

It also reminded me that I was quoted in this USA Today article, Ain’t too proud to beg on the Net.

The general idea behind tip jars for artists is a “beautiful” one, says Fairtunes co-founder Matt Goyer, 22, a Canadian computer science student. Though Goyer sold the company this summer and is no longer involved, he still endorses the concept. “It really reinforces the power of the Internet and the idea that you can connect person-to-person.” Adds Appleman, “It’s a direct support mechanism that’s never been possible before.”

Goyer and partner John Cormie launched Fairtunes in July 2000 because they wanted to pay artists for music being downloaded for free via Napster. Though Fairtunes got a lot of press attention, it raised only $12,000 for artists by the time Goyer and Carmie sold it in September.

Ah, the memories. And funny to think that 2,500 video views was a lot back then!

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