Kids, Protect Your Ears!

The last thing my mom warned me about was the threat to air quality posed by Zambonis. The last thing she wanted me to blog about but I didn’t was asking you all to make donations to World Vision in Myanmar. Today she wants me to both blog and warn you about MP3 players.

From CBS, MP3s May Threaten Hearing Loss.

On the subject, my mom had this to say:

Please do a piece on hearing loss for your readers since most of them probably cannot hear much any more.

This is crucial as I am losing my lower levels (aging and ear infections) but your generation is probably in trouble now.

Irreversible! Before it is too late.

Readers, can you hear me? You’ve been warned. Mom, have you considered blogging?

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3 Responses to Kids, Protect Your Ears!

  1. jenn says:

    that’s a great concept for a blog: warnings from mom.

  2. sean says:

    I’d listen to Susan’s warnings – and will

  3. love mom says:

    Why blog when you do it?
    Except why would you not promote World Vision in Myanmar?
    Off to the lake, later.

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