First Trip To Tahoe

Friday night I caught the 6:20 flight to Reno. Of course I screwed up the date when I bought the ticket and had to go through the stress of paying a change fee, flying stand by, etc but did end up catching the flight I wanted :).

I then caught a cab to North Star (supposed to be forty five minutes away) which was a bit of an adventure since the cab driver had forgotten his chains, chains were required, he then got lost trying to find his buddy with chains,… The trip ended taking a little longer than it should have but eventually I made it. Funny enough the cab ride was the same cost as my flight (pre-change fee.)

The next day we skied at North Star (6″ new), the resort some at Redfin referred to as the Snoqualmie of Tahoe. However, after skiing there I don’t think that’s a fair characterization. North Star doesn’t have a lot of steep crazy runs but it does feature lots of rolling easy nicely groomed blues, appears to be very family friendly, and features a pretty new plush village. Since there was some nice dry new snow I was able to get in some good runs even late in the day since the major of folks kept to the easy runs :). The tree skiing was also pretty nice.

Here’s Katrina, her sister Suzanne, and Peter:

At times it was dumping:

At other times it was sunny:

At lunch there was a big band:

Apres ski had a skating rink and outdoor lounges similar to Vegas bars:

Sunday Katrina and I headed to Squaw (2-4″ of new). Squaw, unlike North Star, appears to be stuck in the ’60s when they held the Olympics. I wouldn’t work there just because their staff uniform is so dated (sorry no photo.) But they did have some steep runs. I spent a lot of time on KT-22 and Headwall and we had lunch up at High Base Camp which features a hot tub, swimming pool and skating rink at 8200 feet. We also lucked out with a three and half hour drive back to San Francisco.

View from Squaw Valley


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