Redfin visits Whistler

After staying up almost all night releasing a new version of Redfin last Wednesday a group of us from Redfin headed to Whistler Thursday night. We were hoping to leave early but of course did not leave the city until 6 PM. Fortunately we made great time and got to Whistler in a record setting four hours. The next day we spent a great time on Whistler riding a ridge repeatedly off Peak chair. Of course the only reason some of us ride is for apres ski and at 4 PM we hit Merlins for round one of beers and nachos:



For round two we headed over to Merlins as we had ski in/out accommodations on Blackcomb. There we got round two or beers, nachos, wings and poutine.



Close to after:


Having sampled nachos across a wide variety of Whistler venues I have to say that GLC has the best quality and that Merlins has the most quantity.

Unfortunately having consumed so many nachos and beers our team was mostly asleep by 9 PM!


The next day was beautiful sunny day and we got some great runs in on Blackcomb. Here’s Brandon who is about to marry our marketing whiz, Ellie (I also happen to play hockey with him):


Later in the day we headed to Whistler where Donald had a nice jump:

And of course afterwards we headed to Merlins for two rounds of nachos:


We then ended the night with Sylvia’s Wii and Settlers of Catan.

A note to our investors: Don’t worry this was an employee paid for trip unlike our competitors Squaw Valley junket :).


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