For my birthday…

…I would like someone to buy my condo :).

Off tomorrow to the Columbia River for another J24 regatta with the Hair of the Dog team.

And I finally booked my tickets home for my high school reunion. I’ll be back in Winnipeg Friday the 31st at 11pm and leave Monday the 3rd at 5pm.

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3 Responses to For my birthday…

  1. Dad says:

    Let me be the first today –
    Happy birthday and so many more.

  2. kristi says:

    happy birthdy! enjoy your weekend on the boat – we’ll rally the troops for a celebration next week.

    it will sell! no worries

  3. Jackie says:

    Hey matt-

    I’m getting into Winnipeg Friday 31st at 10:30pm and leaving Monday at 3pm. See you there! Maybe we can carpool to the reunion??

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