State of emergency in Seattle

The Seattle Times has a lengthy article about the situation, Storm causes state of emergency:

King County Executive Ron Sims issued an emergency proclamation this morning after supercharged winds of up to 70 miles an hour overnight knocked out power to about one million people in greater Seattle.

Of course last night as the storm was ramping up and people were panicking Glenn and I foolishly hit the roads to head to a recruiting event, Neither Wind, Nor Rain, Nor Bad Mexican Food…:

Matt Goyer, the product manager leading the charge, was unphased. “Maybe we should leave fifteen minutes early,” he said. “Maybe we should wimp out,” I said. He assumed I wasn’t serious. But the truth is, if I could have stayed home and still thought of myself as someone who rallied, I would have.

From our Pioneer Square office, we waded through hordes of Seahawks fans in blue firemen’s helmets and garbage bags, who seemed even happier because of the rain. It felt like one of those zoos where you walk among the animals.

Matt’s beat-up Neon from Winnipeg began burning oil after fifteen minutes on the road. We saw a waterfall pouring over the freeway wall from Capitol Hill.

Nothing will stop us from finding more engineers! :)

…Actually it was the first day I’ve ever driven to work since starting at Redfin three and a half months ago. Of course there was a football game yesterday which made parking, even in the morning, impossible.

Now when I did get home from the Eastside last night our power kept flickering but never went off. And of course, the office is still pretty busy even with the Eastsiders staying home (two Redfinners had trees fall on their houses).

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