Just a note for all of you leaving a company and wanting to take your precious personal mail with you. Do not backup your .OST file. Export your email to a .PST. The .OST is tied to your Exchange credentials and if you don’t have access to the Exchange server the .OST is attached to you’re in trouble. I know because I tried every suggestion in this thread and none of them worked (and it took hours to try them all).

Now, if you do make the mistake of backing up your .OST because you think it’s the same as .PST (it’s not!) there is hope. The only option that worked is this service, Password Crackers, who for $15 will convert a .OST to a .PST. Much cheaper than spending $600 on a program to do it yourself, granted now all your secrets have now been shared with a cracker group :).

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3 Responses to OST to PST

  1. DanITman says:

    This isn’t your Microsoft OST is it :)

  2. leha-leha says:

    You can convert OST to PST by using http://www.pcsadmin.com online service.
    It is very easy, I have already converted two files with all info(tasks, calendar, contacts).
    They also can repair your damaged files.

  3. Alex says:

    I know good tool Ost to pst converter, do something allows you to convert Ost Pst data not only from good, but also from corrupted OST files, convert OST PST file when the user account has been deleted from the Microsoft Exchange server, effectively convert all information from the local Microsoft Exchange storage into a Microsoft Outlook file – ost pst conversion.

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