One month at Redfin

It has been one month that I’ve been at Redfin now. How are things going?

I think they’re actually going pretty well and I’m sure my blog reading co-workers will chime in if they feel otherwise :).

I’m adjusting to life in a cubicle, the first week I even put a calendar up while at Microsoft it tooks months before I personalized my space.

They trust us with office supplies. At Microsoft only a few trusted Admins and very long time employees are trusted with office supply items like staplers, scissors and tape dispensers. Here, I had all these essential PM tools on my desk without even asking. While you may think having your own scissors is pretty frivilous and probably violates some fiduciary duty between our company and our investors (like I’m sure it did at Microsoft), but having to go find an admin so you can open a package is pretty ridiculous.

The people are fun. We’ve hit a couple happy hours and have partied after work. I’d post some pictures but we all agree that what happens during happy hour stays with those at happy hour :).

I’ve shipped. Friday, the 29th, I shipped the first version of the site that I program and project managed. Stressful, but good times; I like rapid iteration and innovation.

Chaos. We’re a small group and many of us are new to the company and new to working together and understandably there are kinks to us all working together that we need to figure out; I’m confident we will figure it out though.

Random. Things are always random. From the stand-off between Rob and Angela to everyone’s amazement at the egg machine to firefighters:

A visitor to Redfin and SavanA visitor to Redfin and Savan Hosted on Zooomr

Overall: No regrets, Redfin rocks.

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2 Responses to One month at Redfin

  1. Savan says:

    I love it when a picture of me randomly shows up.

  2. Dad says:

    Good to hear – I was wondering.

    I remember going to MMP in 1976 and having to requisition pencil leads and a felt pen – that’s when I knew I had pretty much decided to leave and never would work for a large firm
    ( I lasted all of nine days ).


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