Boat is out of the water

In a rush, I took the boat out over the weekend because Mark was vacating his apartment. In case you’re wondering, this is what a wakeboard boat costs:

$100/year for new fenders and lines
$120/year for registration
$120/year to put in the water and take it out
$500/year in required maintenance
$550/year for insurance
$900/year for trailer storage
$1200/year for moorage

Plus $40-50 every time you go wakeboarding.

Which I guess is probably like $85/hour not counting the expense of the boat, financing, depreciation and toys.

Needless to say I’m seriously reconsidering this sport since I went wakeboarding less than 10 times this year. But, don’t get me wrong, I love owning a wakeboard boat. Now if only there was a fractional boat ownership program out there. Or a web 2.0 site that manages both the cost sharing (ala Billmonk) and the time sharing of a shared asset like a boat, or sports car, or high end downhill mountain bike.

If you’re in Seattle and interested in fractional boat ownership drop me a line. Maybe I’ll put together something next spring.

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3 Responses to Boat is out of the water

  1. Nick says:

    You got it right on man, there should be an easy way to do a fractional wakeboard boat ownership. I’ve always wanted to have a boat but I figured the cost would be out of my league on my own. I’d be interested in exploring this idea a bit if you want to send me a note.


  2. Tom says:

    You might want to look at this as fractional boat ownership. To my knowledge they are big in the US.

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