One week at Redfin

It’s now been one week at Redfin. Here’s a quick and short list of what comes to mind:

  • It’s scary, intimidating and humbling to start a new job. There is a reason why I don’t take up new sports.
  • Free pop/soda
  • Free snacks like Cliff Bars
  • There’s a fancy coffee machine but I don’t drink coffee
  • Free lunch Monday, Wednesday, Friday, every time from a different restaurant. I love this.
  • I work in a cube though most people are in offices (doubled though). Being in a cube is fine for me. I’m not a coder so I don’t need peace and quite, instead, being able to over hear everyone’s conversations is important. I did order a pair of headphones though.
  • It takes about 15 minutes to bike to work (and then five to eight minutes more to get dressed), 20 minutes to take the bus (#14), 30 minutes to walk
  • Things move at a much faster pace here. We ship a new version of the site very often.
  • My manager took a short notice vacation and so I’ll be learning a lot being the only product manager around for a week
  • The hours can be long. Yesterday was 12+ hours. But everyone here works hard and is passionate
  • DIY-culture
  • We have very passionate customers. Keep sending us feedback!
  • If you’re a friend of mine in Seattle and looking for a house/condo, let me know. I spend a lot of time on our web site and I’m getting bored of looking at Capitol Hill condos.
  • I wasn’t able to escape Sharepoint though I really miss Product Studio (Bugzilla isn’t very user friendly)
  • At Microsoft it took me months to bring in personal items to decorate my office. Meanwhile, here I’ve brought in a calendar and my Aeron chair
  • It’s a small company. I get to work directly with the CTO and CEO. That sure never happened at Microsoft :).
  • Most everyone I talk to about my new job has already heard of Redfin
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  2. Matt, I am excited to see how your experience at RedFin is turning out. The company has a great business concept and it is interesting to hear the perspective of someone on the inside.

    Barrett Niehu

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