Fractional boat ownership

NY Times, Be a Million Dollar Baby for a Monthly Fee:

“With luxury goods,” Mr. Pedraza said by phone, “many people today are more interested in collecting experiences than they are in actually owning the asset,’’ He added that even among the not-so rich, the thrill of possession palls fast. Wealthy people in particular “are tired of the clutter in their lives,” he said. “They don’t want the hassles of ownership. More than possessions, they want variety.”

So true. I don’t want to own a boat, I just want the experience of going boating every other weekend for two months a year. It’s really too bad there isn’t a service like My Other Car but for small boats (there are some Seattle based fractional yacht companies but $100,000+ for part of yacht is way out of my price range :) ).

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  1. dan richman says:

    interested in exploring whether it’s possible (financially, legally, insurance-wise) for you to partially own a boat along with me and my wife? we’re thinking very seriously of buying a used 2006 22′ c-dory cruiser (see lemme know!
    dan richman
    shoreline, wash.

  2. If “boats” floats your boat, do please write Boats are in the future of MyOtherCar. Just don’t tell him I told you ;)

  3. Rod Crocker says:

    I’m looking for 3 other people to enter into a fractional ownership of a vessel equal to a Leopard 47 sailing catamaran. I’m in the state of Washington and would like to home port the yacht somewhere in the Puget Sound area, but this type of cruiser could be utilized almost anywhere in the world, so the possibilities are endless. My main passion tied to yachting is scuba diving, but that would not be a requirement of the other owners. Contact me at if you have any interest in this type of arrangement.

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