This past weekend in photos

Friday we drank and drank.

IMG_0083IMG_0083 Hosted on Zooomr

Saturday we boated.

IMG_0085IMG_0085 Hosted on Zooomr

IMG_0089IMG_0089 Hosted on Zooomr

Sunday we go karted.

IMGP4496IMGP4496 Hosted on Zooomr

IMGP4492IMGP4492 Hosted on Zooomr

Sunday we also went shooting (it was my first time).

IMGP4511IMGP4511 Hosted on Zooomr

IMGP4516IMGP4516 Hosted on Zooomr

Monday we drove to Whidbey Island (by taking the ferry).

IMGP4521IMGP4521 Hosted on Zooomr

IMGP4527IMGP4527 Hosted on Zooomr

IMGP4537IMGP4537 Hosted on Zooomr

You can find more photos on my Zooomr page and on Kristi’s.

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  1. mom says:

    and your sisters and I chipped piles of dead trees and burned the remains. Missed you at the lake. The weather is still fabulous, great harvest moon. Love Mom
    ps my little tin boat is still in the water.

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