Tonight was a pretty regular night for us out on the J24. Some good starts, some bad. Some good mark roundings, some bad. This is until on the last upwind leg of the night I apparently missed the duck in ‘we’re going to tack then duck’. I was unprepared for the sudden movement after the tack and lost my footing while pulling in the jib sheet. And pull as I could on the jib sheet I couldn’t pull enough in while in mid air to be able to stay on the boat and over board I went. Brad did a great job getting back round to me very quickly. I only had time to think that ‘good thing my cellphone isn’t in my pocket’ before Dwayne (good thing we had him on board tonight, he’s a big strong guy) and Tom pulled me up over the side. Unfortunately just as I hit the deck we slammed over onto a new tack and the boom whacked me really good in the forehead (thank god it was my forehead and not my nose or teeth). I wisely declined beers after the race and got a ride home. Hopefully I wake up tomorrow :) and hopefully Brad forgives me for how many places we lost in the standings. Doing a circle minutes from the finish line in a full fleet is never a wise move.

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2 Responses to M.O.B.

  1. mom says:

    and would they believe that you have been big boat sailing since you were 6 weeks old, spinnaker and all?

  2. Ed says:

    Ouch! J/24s are a blast to sail, but when they bite you, they bite hard. I did 7 seasons on the foredeck of a J/24. I went over the side twice. Not fun, but looking back my J/24 days were the best.

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