July long weekend

I really need to blog more… What holds me back is thinking that each post needs to be well written. Time to throw that rule away and get back to quick and dirty blogging.

So for the July long weekend Kristi and I:

  • Saturday: Biked around Bainbridge Island (super fun!)
  • Sunday: Drove to Mount St.Helens (which I never really got until seeing it and realizing it used to be a big mountain and now it’s just a big half a mountain) and then ‘The Gorge’, the windsurfing mecca, that we drolled over as young kids and sailing school. We spent the night in Portland. Stop by Vault Martini if you’re looking for great cocktails.
  • Monday: Had breakfast Cameo Cafe (pancakes by the yard!) then drove to Cannon Beach (which was really cold, i.e. 60’F compared to 80+’F inland) and eventually drove home to Seattle
  • Tuesday: Lounging by the pool/boat and then Fourth of July boating madness on Lake Union (this time we stayed back from the front row and were not showered with firecracker derby).

One day I’ll investigate a way to mirror all my photos to some online webservice, in the meantime here’s just one photo from the weekend:

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