The Moment

Last night I took my new toy, an Ellsworth Moment, out for its first ride on Tiger Mountain (1100 vertical feet climb over 3 miles, then 8 miles of riding down and back around), the most popular local biking spot, and boy did I have fun. I can’t actually remember when I had so much fun on a bike before. The Moment had no problems climbing (and it of course helped that I’m in great shape) and rolled over everything in it’s way without a hiccup (as compared to a ride I did a week weeks ago on the Blizzard where I got pretty frustrated with my lack of performance).

It was just an absolute pleasure to ride, I couldn’t stop smiling all throughout the ride yesterday. In fact, I was so excited I organized another ride to Tiger tonight. Though of course, now that it’s the next day, I’m feeling pretty tired.

But of course, it’s sad to hang up my old 1999 Blizzard.

It’s too soon to part with it so I’ll hang it on the wall and maybe consider selling it next spring.

And a big thanks to my friend JF at Gords for recommending and selling me such a sweet ride!

Update: I forgot to note that if you check out their 2006 Catalog you’ll see they hand build the bikes here in Washingston State at an environmentally friendly facility featuring solar panels, non-forest building materials and geothermal heating. Very cool.

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2 Responses to The Moment

  1. matt!

    dont hang up the blizzard for good… that frame will last you the rest of your life, just change it to something more useful these days: ie a commuter…

    change it to a single speed ($20), removed the fork (FREE), install some rigid fork, and some slick roadie tires, and youll be ripping to work in no time.. (unless you use your road bike)..


  2. JF says:

    Have I ever steered you wrong?

    OK, except for the Dynastars, have I ever steered you wrong?

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