Interlocking Puzzle Loft

Dwell, Interlocking Puzzle Loft [PDF]. I want a cool living space! (Instead of these lame wannabe condo interiors everyone is marketing).

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  1. kristi says:

    i don’t know if i’d go so far to say lame… but i do agree with you that most of the condo interiors on the market right now do not measure up to the new york loft-style condos you see in dwell. why?

    unfortunately, i think most of it has to do with what the developer and marketing companies think will sell in our already high-priced seattle condo market. the level of detail in the finishes (ie. cabinetry, flooring, counters) relates directly to the amount buyers are willing to pay, but when custom details are used, instead of the mass-producted options, the price practically doubles. are consumers willing to pay the extra cash for a custom contemporary, minimalist condo with italian-inspired cabinets? of course those of us who appreciate “good design” would! but the percentage of those consumers is under-estimated by developers and they prefer relatively “safe” finishes or cabinetry styles to those that are more cutting edge. they want their project to stand out against the others, but i’m realizing that it’s a process for people to understand that if they want good design they have to pay for it. it is not just throwing black honed granite on the kitchen counter, using a sub-zero fridge, and glass cabinet doors… it’s the whole package and developers are trying to figure out where to put their $$ to get the most return.

    i think we’re going to start seeing some really great projects in the coming months. if there’s enough interest to sell these condos quickly, the marketing firms will start to understand that people are really willing to pay for good design!

  2. Ming says:

    Matt, that’s so last issue. Get with the times.

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