Opening Day

Friday evening after weeks of phone calls back and forth with my dealer/service shop, I got my boat back after adding a dual battery, spring tune up, new blower, new bilge exhaust pipes, fixed trailer wiring, hull cleaning and wiring changes to my speaker setup. It really is a hole in the water that I pour money in to! Unfortunately though getting work done on it is like pulling teeth. This boat service shop really could learn from car service shops, where you take your care in for an oil change and they recommend $1000 worth of repairs. Not with my boat. I take it in for an oil change and they don’t do any of the work I request! It’s crazy.

Anyhow, Saturday, was Opening Day of boating season and even though the weather was crap we headed out for a few hours of floating around and watching the parade:

Truth be told, the boat parade was a bit boring. However, there was the occasional boat that did get dressed up:

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  1. mom says:

    my boat hasn’t made it out of dry dock in how many years?
    Oh and not much hope for this year with the dock gone AWOL.
    Enjoy motor boating, I’ll be the one in the rowboat.

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